HTDT Podcast: Pilot Episode

The pilot episode of How To Do That’s podcast is now available! Ryan Glanzer and Bart Christoff discuss how to avoid awkward gym locker room confrontations, how to score free drinks at a bar or on a plane, and how to discretely use the bathroom stall next to someone else. The guys also field a dozen mailbag questions from fans across the country.

Please excuse the poor audio quality. We recorded the episode outside near a major interstate highway and had some difficulties learning how to use the hi-tech podcasting mic! Next episode will be up to snuff.

Download Episode

Episode 1 was brought to you by Table.Delivery. Use coupon code SWEETUMS at checkout for $10 off your first delivery!

It was also brought to you by 188th Street Creations. Mention coupon code PODCAST for 20% off a state outline craft by Marcie and Jordan.

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