How to Eat Soup Without a Spoon in the Workplace

We’ve all been there. You just heated up that delicious leftover chili for lunch at the office, and return to your desk to find out—dammit!—you don’t have a spoon!

Eating soup of any kind is going to be extremely messy and difficult without a spoon. You might be thinking “What gives? All workplaces provide free plastic utensils to their employees.” But with many companies “going green”, grabbing a spoon from the lunch room may not be an option.

If you’re really hungry and determined to consume your chili or soup, you’re going to have to get creative.

  • Unless you’re wildly antisocial or don’t want to be a bother, you could ask around. Someone probably has a spoon somewhere. Offer someone a buck for a spoon.
  • If you don’t mind a little dumpster diving and germs, there’s probably a used spoon in the trash somewhere. Give it a thorough cleaning with dish soap before using, though.
  • It may draw unwanted attention to you, but you could always just drink the soup from the container. If you have your own office, or at least some privacy in a cubicle, it would be less embarrassing.
  • Consider other utensils. Got a knife or fork? A fork is a bad option, but if the soup is thick and/or chunky, you can at least get some of it to your mouth. This is also a good way to control your portions!
  • Straws are another option. Fork out the meat, vegetables, beans or noodle parts with a fork and then suck the broth up with a straw. Gross? Well, yeah… but you’re in a bind, gosh darn it!
  • Look around your desk for anything that could function as a spoon. Got a pill bottle and a pen? Empty the bottle, tape a pen to the side of it, and you’ve got a really awful single-use makeshift spoon.
  • Likewise, a styrofoam cup could theoretically be used to spoon the soup into your mouth if you cut the top 75% of it off. With a nub of a cup remaining, you again could tape a pen to it and messily ladel the soup to your mouth.
  • Consider scrounging around your car for a fast food spoon. You’d be surprised what you’ll find under your floormats or under the seat!
  • A makeshift spoon can actually be quickly fashioned from an empty soda bottle. Just cut out the shape of a spoon along the curvature of the bottle!
  • The last resort should be to use your hands, but if you’re desperate, you could theoretically just lap the soup up to your mouth by forming a spoon shape with your index and middle fingers.

Got any other great spoon substitute ideas? Leave them in the comments for a chance to win an autographed photo of podcast hosts Ryan and Bart!

My Hot Take:
I have this happen at work pretty regularly, and I have almost always managed to find a spoon before resorting to another method. If anything, I’ve got spoons lying around but no forks, and wind up having to eat a piece of chicken with a spoon.

If you need to eat soup but don’t have a spoon, consider drinking it our fashioning a makeshift spoon.

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