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Podcast Episode 17: How To Party, Part 2

Ryan and Bart return to conclude their two-part “how to party” series. The duo knocks out hard-hitting partying questions, gives outstanding party advice, and reads a select guest-submitted party stories, with a $50 gift card on the line. The two intertwine hilarious personal stories and experiences into the show as they answer the following party-related questions:

  • How to disassociate yourself with your drunken jackass friend/guest
  • How to win at/choose partner for party drinking games
  • How to party with parents/grandparents/in-laws, etc.
  • How to hide that you broke something/clogged toilet at a party
  • How to call cops on a loud party
  • How to handle cops if they show up at your party
  • How to abandon your date at the party
  • How to leave a party early
  • How to be the last one left at a party
  • How to clean up before parents/roommates/etc return
  • How to throw a party as an introvert
  • How to persuade your friends to not have a party at your house/apartment

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About “How To Do That”

How To Do That is a weekly podcast hosted by Ryan Glanzer and Bart Christoff and frequent guests. The gang answers “how to” questions to the best of their knowledge based on personal experience, typically related to a chosen weekly theme.


About Glanzer

A native of Carpenter, South Dakota, I work professionally as a digital marketer. My favorites include karaoke, cocktails, the Minnesota Twins, and of course blogging. I strive to one day own a small town bar.

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