Podcast Episode 19: How To Do March Madness & St Patrick’s Day

NCAA March Madness

In the 19th episode of How To Do That, Ryan Glanzer is joined by guest host Rattlesnake of chairgatin.com, in the wake of Bart Christoff’s untimely illness. Ryan and Rattlesnake tackle the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (aka: March Madness) by answering questions related to the actual filling out of brackets, choosing which teams to root for, and deciding how to enjoy the first days of the big tournament.

The Most Common Ailments and Injuries, Bracket-Style

Citing the 64-team bracket itself as the impetus for America’s March Madness craze, the guys create a new bracket-style tournament featuring the most common ailments and injuries. Bantering back and forth and recalling personal experiences, Ryan and Rattlesnake whittle down the field to a single champion. Everything from sunburns to stubbed toes to heartburn is pitted head-to-head against each other in this wacky free-for-all.

St. Patrick’s Day

Rattlesnake breaks out some impressive St. Patrick’s Day factoids, and the guys proceed to break down all things Irish, including where to go, what to eat, what to wear, and of course, what to drink on March 17.

Questions Answered

  • How to fill out an NCAA Tournament bracket
  • How to pick an NCAA team to root for
  • How to pick an NCAA upset
  • How to best enjoy the NCAA tournament
  • How to know who’s going to win the NCAA tournament
  • How to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
  • How to know what to eat and drink on St. Patrick’s Day

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About “How To Do That”

How To Do That is a weekly podcast hosted by Ryan Glanzer and Bart Christoff and frequent guests. The gang answers “how to” questions to the best of their knowledge based on personal experience, typically related to a chosen weekly theme. The show is recorded at The Common Interest karaoke bar.

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