how to join a rec sports league

Podcast Episode 20: How To Do Social/Rec Sports Leagues

How to Get Involved in Rec League Sports

Whether it’s softball, volleyball, basketball, bowling, wiffleball, or darts, there is probably a local recreational sports league in your area. It’s fun, a great way to meet new people, and can be a good source of exercise. Ryan and Bart are no strangers to these types of leagues in the Austin area, having played in countless leagues in various sports and games.

Recording from Bart’s downtown Austin apartment overlooking the skyline, the pair recall dozens of rec league sports stories. The guys also touch on the subjects of sportsmanship, forming teams, collecting fees, and levels of competitiveness in this informative episode. Ryan recalls the high number of ass-kickings his teams have taken over the years, including a 100-point loss in basketball, a second-inning mercy ruling in softball, and people very incorrectly assuming he’ll be great at volleyball because of his height. Bart mentions how to get a bad apple off your team, and how to properly celebrate a victory (it involves Fireball shots).

How To Do Netiquette

Ryan and Bart also spare a few minutes to talk about a few rules of social media and email etiquette, including how to form a good email signature, a good out-of-office auto response, and how to show laughter online.

Questions Answered

  • How to decide if you should join a social activity or sports league
  • How to pick a social activity or sports league to participate in
  • How to form a team – pick friends? Ringers? Just be placed on a random team?
  • How to be the organizer/coach of a team
  • How to know if you are healthy/agile/fit enough to participate
  • How to set your expectations of your team’s performance
  • How to choose a league skill level that’s best for your team (beginner, expert)
  • How to react when you personally suck way worse than you envisioned
  • How to react when you lose to bad winners/poor sports
  • How to handle animosity within the team (players fighting)
  • How to celebrate after a victory
  • How to laugh online (LOL, haha, emoji, etc)
  • How to write a good OOO response
  • How to write a good email signature
  • How to react to people who write vague posts but then don’t elaborate (“So annoyed with people… smh.” “Why, what happened.” “I can’t get into it right now.”)
  • How (or why would you) do a joint Facebook account

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About “How To Do That”

How To Do That is a weekly podcast hosted by Ryan Glanzer and Bart Christoff and frequent guests. The gang answers “how to” questions to the best of their knowledge based on personal experience, typically related to a chosen weekly theme. The show is recorded at various locations around Austin, Texas, including the Common Interest, Hanovers 2.0, and Little Woodrow’s.

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