how to live in the moment

Podcast Episode 25: How To Do The Present

How to make the most of the present

In one of their deeper episodes to date, Ryan and Bart talk all things present—from living in the moment to being happy on a day-to-day basis. Seriously. This is so not one of those episodes about binge drinking or flying to Vegas! To help hammer the point across, the guys needed some help from special guests Lulu and Jenny.

It didn’t stop there, oh no! The foursome discussed how to be healthy, how to have a good life/work balance, and how to be happy at your job! Dang, you might actually get something useful out of this episode! If you aren’t scrolling down to listen to this podcast yet, what are you waiting for? It’s full of great life tips from four people who evidently have their priorities straight!

Questions Answered

  • How to truly live in the moment
  • How to be happiest on a day to day basis
  • How to decide what things are worth stressing over
  • How to be healthier on a day to day basis
  • How to have a good work/life balance
  • How to be happy at your job
  • What are some things you want to make sure to do or see now before it’s over, like current bands, athletes, places to visit…
  • What to do now to avoid having regrets later in life
  • How to decide what things are worth spending money on

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About How To Do That

How To Do That is not only a tongue-in-cheek instructional how-to blog, it’s also a weekly podcast hosted by popular Austin personalities Ryan Glanzer and Bart Christoff. The guys are frequently joined by special guests including Lulu, Jenny, Vanna, Dame Jane, Diego, Rattlesnake, and Rainy Daniels to discuss “how to” questions without definitive right or wrong answers. Many questions focus on how to react to, or how to approach everyday situations. The podcast is recorded in bars and other locations in Austin, Texas.

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