How to prepare for the future

Podcast Episode 26: How To Do The Future

How to prepare for your future

In the Season 1 finale, Ryan, Bart, Lulu, and JenJen discuss where we’re all headed in the future, and how to prepare to get there. In comedic fashion, the foursome discusses their personal predictions and goals for their own futures, as well as where the planet is headed with major issues such as global warming.

Ryan and Bart discuss both hoping to one day own their own small town bars. JenJen can see herself remaining at her job as a high-risk pregnancy specialist. Lulu wants to settle down and be a mom and work with dogs in some way.

How to make and complete a bucket list

The gang also runs down items on their personal bucket lists. Bart yearns to travel to Japan and ride the bullet train while drawing a bullet riding on the bullet train, and one day shake hands with Elon Musk. Ryan said he would like to one day meet a non-Trump president, and take on the Appalachian Trail. Lulu pines to travel to the real Oktoberfest celebration in Munich and meet the Beach Boys. JenJen wants to be best buds with Taylor Swift.

Questions Answered

  • How to plan for the future
    • Where do we see ourselves in 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 years?
    • What job do we see ourselves having down the road?
    • What is our living situation?
    • What obstacles do we see ourselves having to overcome?
    • How to visit all the places you want to go?
  • How to make a bucket list
    • What are a few items on our current bucket lists?
  • How to plan for retirement
  • What do we think the world will be like when we’re super old?
    • What things will be invented

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About How To Do That

How To Do That is not only a tongue-in-cheek instructional how-to blog, it’s also a weekly podcast hosted by popular Austin personalities Ryan Glanzer and Bart Christoff. The guys are frequently joined by special guests including Lulu, Jenny, Vanna, Dame Jane, Diego, Rattlesnake, and Rainy Daniels to discuss “how to” questions without definitive right or wrong answers. Many questions focus on how to react to, or how to approach everyday situations. The podcast is recorded in bars and other locations in Austin, Texas.

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