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“How-To” Quick Tips & Mailbag: July 2018

Every month, we compile a variety of “how to” topics that don’t qualify for a full-blown 1,000-word essay and present them to you in a rapid fire format! These are real questions that our readers actually searched for, so you know you’re getting useful, relevant information.

How to determine who was the greater athlete from two different eras

Since time travel isn’t possible, it’s not possible to truly know who was better, and that’s what makes for such great conversation and argument. Games like basketball and baseball evolve over time, and today’s athletes have so much more access to training programs and data on their opponents. It wouldn’t be a fair fight! The better argument is as to who was the better player relative to the rest of the players in the league at the players’ peak. Who was greater, Lebron James or Michael Jordan? Babe Ruth or Mike Trout? Dan Fouts or Kirk Cousins? We may never really know.

How to know the ratio of water-to-rice in Instant Pot

It’s always a 1:1 ratio in the Instant Pot because it cooks rice differently than other methods. 1:1 for jasmine, white, brown, arborio, basmati… pretty much all mainstream rices!

How to bake bacon in the oven

Pre-heat oven to 400º, line a baking sheet with tin foil, lay out the bacon, and when the oven is heated, cook the bacon for around 17 minutes, depending on how crispy you want it.

How to justify spending more than $13 on a sandwich, chips, and drink for lunch

If you go to a restaurant like Which Wich and get a large sandwich, a large refillable soda, and a bag of chips, you’re gonna drop $13 easy. Justifying that kind of expense for a quick weekday lunch is very difficult, but think of ways you can make that up from a monetary perspective. Perhaps you just avoid eating out the rest of the week, or you leave work 30 minutes early and then it’s like work kinda indirectly paid for your food. Or, if the sandwich was really good, that’s all the justification you need.

How to decide who to invite to your baby or toddler’s birthday party

At this point in the kid’s life, it’s more about your friends, not his. You should invite your friends with similarly aged children, as well as neighbor kids, and any classmates from daycare or even Sunday School. Naturally, relatives should be at the top of the list, too.

How to type a non-breaking hyphen in HTML

Easy! If you don’t want the phone number on a webpage or email to get bumped to the next line, use ‑ instead of just typing a dash in your HTML code editor.

How to know if your friend is telling the truth about meeting a celebrity if there is no photographic proof

How adamant is this friend about the story, and how clearly can he recall the details surrounding the event? If he insists it’s true and can give elaborate detail, he might be telling the truth. If you really don’t believe the story, try to find out where the celebrity was at the stated time. Many celebs maintain strong social media presences, so it should be easy to determine if Beyonce would have been in a Ardmore, Oklahoma Shell gas station at 11:10am on a Wednesday.

How to get the 1-877-KARS-4-KIDS song out of your head

Like any other annoying song, the KARS for KIDS song can be removed from mental repeat just by playing and/or singing along to a new song. Others suggest engaging in conversation. If no one else is around, try just talking to yourself!

How to name a new town

In the event that a new town or city is formed, unusual as it is in the 2010s, it could be named for something special about the area. Perhaps the town is being formed on a grassy patch of land—it could be called Grassland. Other towns are named for people of significance from the area, animals or plants native to the area, or even the town’s founder. Go ahead, name the town after yourself! When else will you ever get the chance? If all else fails, hold a town vote.

How to compliment someone on their appearance without being creepy

Don’t use words like “dang” or “damn”, and don’t even whistle when discussing someone’s looks. Don’t make it sound remotely sexual. A simple statement of “You look very nice today, Bobbie” should suffice, as long as you make eye contact, don’t lick your lips, don’t wink, and don’t touch yourself while saying it.

That concludes this week’s mailbag! Got any “how-to” questions you need answered? Send them our way on twitter at

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