How to React to Someone Catching You Staring at Them

You’re sitting at the coffee shop, sipping on your piping hot cafe latte, when you see her. Elegant, graceful… you guessed it, a total knockout. You watch as she turns the page in her Redbook. You notice the color of her fingernail polish. You look up the finger–no ring! You check out her pouty lips. Ooooh, yeah baby. And that’s when she looks up from her literature and sees you staring in her direction.

Well, you’ve got a decision to make now, hot shot. You flew too close to the sun and got burned. Oh no, you couldn’t just glance like anyone else. You had to eye her down like a hawk eying a mouse. And she caught you, red handed.

You have a number of choices to make, but you have to act extremely fast. From the time she noticed you peering her way, you have less than a second to make your next move before shit gets real.

The obvious thing to do is simply look away. But now you’ve admitted guilt. She will know you were staring at her, and your luxurious little trip to Starbucks has now become an all-out awkward fest. Go ahead, look away. Hope she thinks you were just looking around. She knows what you were doing, though. You have to just live with that if you choose to simply look away and not look back.

You could also look away, but less abruptly. For instance, just move your eyes gently to her left or right, and then continue to scan the room in such a manner until you’ve gone about 90º. Calmly sip that latte and move on. She may still believe you were looking at her and are now playing it off, but this is a little more convincing.

A third, much more interesting option would be to continue gazing right in the same spot, as if you’re just lost in your own world. If she moves, your eyes stay where they were. Suddenly, you just “snap out of it” and pretend that you had drifted into dreamland and she just happened to be in your line of view.

Another, much bolder option is to continue staring right into her eyes until it becomes awkward for her and she leaves.

If your relationship status warrants such action, you may even consider continuing to look at her and then smiling when she takes notice. If she happens to smile back, you may have just met your future children’s mother and have an interesting story to tell your kids, just like TV’s Ted Mosby! It’s a real gamble to go this route if you’re already in a committed relationship.

What do you do when someone catches you looking at them? Share in the comments!

My Hot Take:
Yeah, this happens a lot at work with various people. I usually just pretend like I was scanning the room and don’t make a big deal of it.

If you’re caught staring at someone, look away in a manner that doesn’t draw attention to yourself.

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