How to Justify Wearing a Baseball Cap Backwards

Once in a while, you’ll spot an individual who is wearing a baseball cap the wrong way—backwards! How did they get it like that, and how can you do it? The side of the hat with the brim is considered the front. In order to wear the hat backwards, one would have the brim side pointing towards your back. Or, in layman’s terms, you should not be able to look up and see the brim.

Wearing a cap backwards is entirely different than wearing the hat inside-out. This would consist of pushing the crown of the cap outward so that the inner seams of the cap are now showing, and frankly, that would probably no longer fit on your head. Others wear caps sideways so the brim is pointing towards one ear or the other, but again, this isn’t a natural fit. Wearing a cap backwards, however, feels almost as natural as wearing it perfectly forward.

No one was able to pull off the backwards cap look quite like 90’s baseball superstar Ken Griffey, Jr. Nicknamed “The Kid,” he made his major league debut at the young age of 19, and dazzled fans across the globe with his sweet swing and gravity-defying catches.

But he was Ken Griffey, Jr. He can dress however the hell he wants. And you’re you. You may be held to different standards. People may make fun of you and judge you for wearing a backwards cap, because in reality it kinda defeats the entire purpose of the cap, which is to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Here are some killer reasons why you might want to wear a cap backwards.

  • You’re revolting against the establishment, your parents, or others. Nothing says “I don’t give any fucks” quite like wearing something in a way other than it was intended.
  • You may already have a method of keeping the sun out of your eyes, like sunglasses. The cap brim now becomes a moot point, giving you the freedom to turn it backwards until a time comes where the brim is again needed.
  • A practical reason for doing so is to keep the harsh sun rays off your neck!
  • Perhaps the back side of the cap actually has the logo you want to show off, not the front logo.
  • Maybe you’re growing out your hair and the backwards cap helps keep the hair out of your eyes.
  • Some people believe the backwards cap takes a few years off. It just looks more youthful!
  • Maybe you want to rest your head flat against a plane seat in front of you, or you want to lean up against a brick wall. The brim, then, would clearly get in the way.
  • You may choose to wear your hat backwards to change your luck. Perhaps having your hat on forward was causing your team to lose.
  • It has been suggested that some men would turn their caps backwards to perform certain sex acts, again because of the brim getting in the way.
  • You may wear your cap backwards if you are putting something else over the top of that, like a welding mask, catcher’s mask, or even beekeeping mask.
  • Maybe you like to wear baseball caps but you think the brims look kind of funny. Maybe they’re too curvy, too straight, or the hat itself sits too high off your head.
  • Maybe you just idolize Ken Griffey, Jr., the Fresh Prince, or one of the many other pop icons that wear backwards caps.
  • Maybe you like hip-hop music, and a backwards cap makes you think of that culture.
  • Or simply put, maybe you just like the way it looks. If that’s your personal preference, go with it!

At the end of the cap-wearing day, who cares if some jerk is judging you. Unless you’re going to be sent to detention, fired, or reprimanded in some fashion for wearing a backwards cap, go ahead and be yourself.

My Hot Take:
I prefer wearing my fitted New Era 59FIFTY caps backwards because I like the way it looks and I feel I’m portraying myself as being somewhat playful and less serious. Wearing a backwards cap into my office tells others that I’m a fun-loving guy.

Some people wear their caps backwards because they like it, not because it serves much of a functional purpose.

Caps You Can Totally Get Away With Wearing Backwards

2 thoughts on “How to Justify Wearing a Baseball Cap Backwards

  1. The main point of wearing a ball cap backwards, as in so many behaviours, is a sexual one — I am available. It is also a sign of pathetic masculinity — this shows one way I am a man. It infuriates me when the male wears his ball cap indoors, and when he is also riveted to his cell phone. If that happened in a restaurant, I would leave the party at once; he clearly finds me boring. The hell with him. This all happened in a restaurant recently, the ball cap, the cell phone. It was apparent that the male could not speak interestingly — maybe talk is considered not masculine? Can you understand this post? Are the words too hard?


    1. The fuck? I mean your preferences are your preferences so do whatever you want and all, but I don’t think this is pathetic masculinity, we’re all three dimensional people and the way someone wears their hats doesn’t tell you much if anything about them💃🏼🕺🏽


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