how to shop

Podcast Episode 23: How To Shop

How To Shop For Various Items

Ryan and Bart dive into the exciting world of shopping, along with special guests Lulu and Diego! The foursome explains how to shop for clothes, how to shop for groceries, how to shop for naughty sex things, and how to shop for embarrassing items.

Everyone in the gang has personal stories to share about their shopping habits, experiences, and expertise. Ryan recalls a time he was asked not to try on clothes in an outlet mall because he was too sweaty. Lulu tells the tale of her hair stylist ripping her earring straight out of her ear, and how she was too nice to even complain. Bart explains how he gets great deals by knowing how to talk to pushy salesmen. Diego explains the best way to buy condoms and not be embarrassed.

How To Avoid Pushy Salesmen, How To Get Good Deals, and How To Cancel Subscriptions and Services

Having worked for years in an electronics retail store, Bart knows a lot about what to say to salespeople to get what you want at a great price. Ryan finds it much easier to play a character and pretend to be someone else when cancelling a service to avoid the pushback. Lulu and Diego have some great advice too… you’ll just have to listen and find out what it is!

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About How To Do That

How To Do That is not only a tongue-in-cheek instructional how-to blog, it’s also a weekly podcast hosted by Ryan Glanzer and Bart Christoff. The guys are frequently joined by special guests to discuss “how to” questions without definitive right or wrong answers. Many questions focus on how to react to, or how to approach everyday situations. The podcast is recorded in bars and other locations in Austin, Texas.

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