winning at bingo

How to Announce Your Bingo Win

Winning at Bingo is often a cause for unbridled celebration

Bingo is a timeless game of chance, and is one of the easiest games to understand. As long as you are able to hear or see the numbers being announced, find and mark off those numbers on a card, and realize when you’ve won, you can master the game in no time!

Since the game is based purely on the luck of the card you were dealt, the only key to winning a game is simply paying attention and making sure you didn’t miss any numbers. The other aspect to winning a game is to verbalize that you have won. This involves shouting “Bingo!” over a crowd; it’s the only thing standing between you and your prize.

But let’s face it—your lucky Bingo win will equal someone else’s devastating loss. If you act like a pompous fuck after winning, you’ll be universally hated. If you win gracefully and show compassion towards your fellow man, you might be hated less, or even revered for your achievement!

How should you react to winning a round of Bingo?

  • The most obvious reaction to winning Bingo is to react naturally. If you see you have a Bingo, don’t even think about it—just yell “Bingo” and don’t worry about others’ feelings.
  • Ever hear the saying “act like you’ve been there before?” It applies here, too. Don’t parade around making everyone uncomfortable with your assholery. It’s fine to act surprised and excited, but think about things for a second before breaking into your ill-conceived victory dance.
  • Consider your environment. If you’re playing amongst strangers at a casino, for instance, screw them and gloat! If you’re playing amongst fellow senior citizens at a nursing home, you may want to tone it down a bit.
  • Consider the prize. If $100,000 was on the line, it would be weird if you didn’t react like a crazy loon. If your prize was a Saltine cracker, you may choose to react in a somber manner.
  • Consider how long it has been since your last win. If you’ve been on a hot streak and have won 23 of the last 28 games, try reacting in disbelief, or even apologizing as you announce. “Again? Wow, I feel bad, but… Bingo!” If you’re on a long losing streak and everyone is halfway rooting for you to win, it’s acceptable to react happily.
  • If children are present, and you’re an adult, you may even choose to ignore the fact that you’ve won and let a kid win. Another tactic could be to switch your winning card with a child and let them claim the prize. Conversely, shoving your win in children’s faces is a great way to remind them that life isn’t always fair, and your win can’t be diminished.
  • If you specifically want to “stick it” to a fellow player as a payback or a personal vendetta, an obscene display may be in order. This can include, but not be limited to, jumping on the table, pointing in the loser’s face, and screaming profanities.
  • Rarely, if ever, is it okay to remove clothing while celebrating a Bingo win. While it may feel appropriate or natural to rip off your shirt and bra and twirl them over your head while shrieking “Bingo!!!!!”, you will undoubtedly live to regret that moment when it shows up on social media.
  • There are alternate ways to proclaim your Bingo win rather than just yelling Bingo. If you’ve lost your voice, for instance, you could just wave your card in the air frantically and bang on the table. Individuals with stage fright may also ask a neighboring player to yell “Bingo” for them. Savvy Bingo-ers will have a recorded voice saying “Bingo” on a phone app, or tape recorder, that can be played back on impact. Others may forego saying “Bingo” and simply run straight up onto the stage to show the caller.
  • Conversely, calling out an illegitimate Bingo can cause you to be the butt of everyone’s jokes. Make sure you’re paying close attention and fill out your card correctly to avoid causing a scene.

Reacting appropriately to a Bingo win essentially boils down to knowing your audience, setting, and surroundings. Understanding how others will react to your reaction is key.

My Hot Take

I once was playing along with a game of Bingo as a child. I hadn’t paid, but there were spare cards sitting out, so I just played for fun. When my card wound up being the winner, however, I quick asked one of the attendants if I could join in late. Seeing no harm in letting me play from behind, the man agreed. His face turned to shock, however, when I immediately yelled “Bingo!” The Bingo caller had no choice but to honor my win, which angered many in attendance who had witnessed my cheating. Many in the Carpenter, SD community have no doubt held grudges for nearly 30 years as a result.


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