how to sing karaoke

Podcast Episode 22: How To Do Karaoke

Everything You Need to Know to Sing Karaoke

Whether you’re a seasoned karaoke master or are trying to work up the courage to sing for the very first time, Ryan Glanzer and Bart Christoff have you covered! Having sung karaoke hundreds of times together since 2012, the twosome even once ran a karaoke league in Austin. The guys are joined by two special guests—Lulu and Diego—to help you choose the perfect song regardless of your talent level.

Ryan, Bart, Lulu, and Diego tell you how to do karaoke.

The gang has had their moments of glory in karaoke, including the recent time Bart nailed an Eminem song and the bartender bought him a shot. Ryan, who references his Google Drive karaoke spreadsheet when signing up for songs, reads the crowd to find the optimal song to elevate his status. Diego is known for schmoozing the crowd prior to singing to get in their good graces. Lulu enjoys going up in groups of girls to sing.

Intimidated by good karaoke singers at the bar? Despite normal success singing karaoke, Ryan recalls a recent event where he accidentally submitted the wrong song and was forced to sing it. Bart tells of the time he couldn’t keep up with a fast song, admitted defeat, and walked off-stage. Lulu remembers losing her voice after one verse of a song, and if Diego is singing badly, he suggests singing even worse on purpose to hide how bad you really are!

Questions Answered

  • How to sing karaoke (the basics)
  • How to work up the courage to sing
  • How to think of / decide what song to sing
  • How to convince your shy friend to sing
  • How to know when in the night to sing (early, after many drinks, etc)
  • How to read the crowd (what song choices might go over well, badly)
  • How to react if your song went horribly
  • How to go next after a great performer
  • How to give a good performance even if you’re not a good singer
  • How to get in good with the karaoke host

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About How To Do That

How To Do That is a weekly podcast hosted by Ryan Glanzer and Bart Christoff and frequent guests. The gang answers “how to” questions to the best of their knowledge based on personal experience, typically related to a chosen weekly theme. The show is recorded at various locations in and around Austin, Texas.

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