Podcast Episode 21: How To Do a Friends Trip

How To Do a Guys/Girls/Buddies/Friends Trip

Everyone loves a family vacation, but what about those times you want to get away for a few days with the guys, whether it be for a bachelor party, fishing trip, spring break, or driving aimlessly through the backroads of America? Ryan and Bart break down the essentials of a “friends trip” in episode 21 of the hit podcast How To Do That.

The gang discusses topics ranging from the very basic idea of “should we go on a trip?” to more complicated matters such as “how will I ever get my significant other to allow me to go?” and “how are we gonna pack the booze?”

Bart recalls a friends trip to Georgia where his teenage friends decided to stay at a drug and prostitute-infested hotel to save $60 between nine people, while Ryan recalls a trip to spring training in Florida for a fantasy baseball draft.

Questions Answered

  • How to decide if you should go on a trip
  • How to decide where to go
  • How to decide who’s going on your trip
  • How to get permission/entice significant other to let you go
  • How to decide a budget, maybe not everyone can afford the same things
  • How to decide method of transportation (flying or driving or other)
  • If driving, how to decide who drives
  • How to split up costs
  • How to choose where to stay (hotel, someone’s house, etc)
  • How to pack the booze
  • How to decide what to do when you get there
  • How to make sure you have a great time
  • How to recover before resuming normal life

How To Do April Fools Day

The guys also briefly touch on April Fools Day and how to pull off a great prank. Bart enjoys calling people and telling them he’s terminally ill, while Ryan recalls physical comedy involving a former manager attempting an ill-conceived office window “fly-by”.

The guys also suggest checking out reruns of The Office for inspiration in planning jokes, mentioning the time Michael Scott was fooled into believing the work day had ended, and the time Dwight was led to believe the weekend had arrived.

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About “How To Do That”

How To Do That is a weekly podcast hosted by Ryan Glanzer and Bart Christoff and frequent guests. The gang answers “how to” questions to the best of their knowledge based on personal experience, typically related to a chosen weekly theme. The show is recorded at various locations around Austin, Texas, including the Common Interest, Hanovers 2.0, and Little Woodrow’s.

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